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Start Up Company Pilot Successful

Thursday, December 29, 2016

BY MAUREEN REVAIT, Blackburn News DECEMBER 29, 2016 3:56AM@MRevaitNews

The Starter Company pilot program through the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation is coming to a close.

The Small Business Centre has rewarded nearly 50 $5,000 grants over a two-year period to help jump-start new business in the region.

“Starting a small business can be very daunting, and risky, and challenging, and certainly very, very rewarding but, we’ve put together a program that provides not only funding, but the wrap around supports to ensure that a start-up can be quite successful,” says Sabrina Demarco, executive director of the Small Business Centre.

Many of the businesses offered grants have gone on to open store-fronts throughout the region and hire additional staff.

“We’ve had a lot of job success, growth rate, amongst these start-ups. While they start-up as solo entrepreneurs, they immediately grow, and expand and hire one to two employees,” says Demarco.

Demarco is hoping the provincial government will continue the program after the two-year pilot project is completed.