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Windsor-based company provides unique products for visually impaired

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Published in The Windsor Star | Aug. 10, 2015
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From textbooks to maps to menus Rebecca Blaevoet and her husband provide highly customizable products for the visually impaired that are available in few other places around the world.

Tactile Visions Graphics is one of three producers in the world that Blaevoet knows of that does this — and it’s located at 400 Erie Street E. right here in Windsor.

“People tend to think of us as niche market. We provide a service that every company, especially in this province, needs. They need to go to our company for alternate formats. So were not as niche as we’re often painted,” she said.

Blaevoet, who is visually impaired, said that with new accessibility legislation in Ontario, company policies, documents and even fire evacuation plans must be available in braille.

“If your company has more than one employee, you’re responsible for these things under new Ontario law. And our company can fill that need,” she said.

Businesses, schools and even museums have contacted Tactile Visions Graphics, which opened in Windsor in June, for various products.

Blaevoet’s husband and business co-owner Emmanuel, who is fully-sighted,  designed and printed a 40-page atlas complete with raised countries and their corresponding names in braille.

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