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Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. a solid gain for Walkerville

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Published in The Windsor Independent | Aug. 4, 2015
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Rob Bornais gave his wife a proposition three years ago: if he could win every amateur category and get named Best Sausage in Canada, then he would open his own gourmet sausage business – the only problem was he had never made sausages professionally before.

To both of their surprise, the hobby which had began to consume Bornais’ life panned out and not only did he win every amateur category and get named Best Sausage in Canada, but his Chorizo was named the best as well.

That was the Great Canadian Sausage competition held annually in Abbotsford British Columbia in 2012, and since that time, Bornais has made inroads in his community after receiving success and support from local entrepreneurs, continued to churn out excellent brats, and most recently, has renovated and is in the process of moving into his own physical brick-and-mortar physical store.

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Company, a boutique saucisserie, is named partly because of Bornais’ French-Canadian heritage and also to “let people know you’re not always going to get what you want there.”

“What we’re doing is kind of like what small craft breweries are doing,” said Bornais. “We’ll have our sausages, four or five different kinds, but we’re going to have a slew of limited editions, so week to week you come in and it’s a new adventure. Everytime you come in you’ll find something new to try.”

Having been making sausages professionally for two and a half years and been obsessed with the craft for almost a decade, community members came to both love and expect Bornais high quality sausages.

Bornais’ store will feature locally made products made by those who currently sell their goods at area Farmers’ Markets. “The reason for my success is because other people were willing to cooperate with me, instead of being competitive. Everybody was so helpful to me, so now it’s my turn.”

“I haven’t even opened the doors yet, but if I can give back and start that community within my business, of people who help each other out, how can we not be successful?”

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Company is located in a 440 square foot building located behind Smudge at Gladstone and Wyandotte.

“We’re retrofitting the area so that it has more of an older feel to it,” he said. “We’re going to incorporate a lot of wood into it as an homage to my father who was a carpenter, we have some wooden tiles, blackboards, and black and white pictures of all the people who helped me along the way, so the store already has a story or history before we open the door. We’re going to have fun with it.”

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Company will feature sausages including, but not limited to: bacon & beer wurst, New Yorker (hot/spicy), apple butter & sage, New England sage sausage, and of course, chorizo.

Bornais believes Walkerville to be a good fit for his business and that the timing is right. “I think for right now this is it, this [Walkerville] is the hub.