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True Fitness wants clients to stay connected with hearTV

Monday, January 25, 2016


Published by the Windsor Star | January 25, 2016
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To survive in today’s busy world, keeping fit is required while keeping connected is almost a necessity.

Luis Mendez, owner of True Fitness gym on Tecumseh Road, recognizes this and tries to offer the latest technology to his clients, including a few docking stations to charge cellphones.

Now there’s hearTV, which allows users to listen to a muted television on their smartphone during a workout. At True Fitness, Mendez has two hearTV receivers for two of the gym’s televisions. Members just simply download the free app on their phone and sync it with the receivers and voila!

“It’s a great opportunity for us to have the kind of technology where you can do cardio and listen to the television through your phone, not the machine,” he said. “Before the only way you could hear the TV was if you were attached to the cardio equipment. But with hearTV you can walk around in the free weight area with your phone and still be able to hear it through your phone.”

Even Mendez knows the conveniece of hearTV. While working out last weekend, he listened to an NFL playoff game while lifting weights.

“I’m trying to have a more modern facility for our clients and members,” he said. “The fitness world is very connected. Everyone is in their own little world listening to their music, it’s kind of sad but it’s kind of how it is. For us, hearTV allows us to be cutting edge.”