Digital Growth Grant

Digital Growth Grant


Enhance the digital presence of your storefront business with a Digital Growth Grant

Main street businesses that have traditionally relied on foot traffic to generate sales and attract new customers have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help strengthen existing local businesses, the Town of Essex, in partnership with Essex Centre BIA and WindsorEssex Small Business Centre, are offering the Digital Growth Grant program to support businesses in the Town of Essex (Essex Centre, Harrow, Colchester and McGregor). The fund will provide 20 businesses with up to $1,000 each to assist with the implementation of activities and strategies directly related to creating or developing a stronger online presence. Grants are available on a first-come basis and are available until August 31, 2020, or when all funds have been committed.

Whether this is the first time your business has taken the steps to going digital, or you already have an online strategy, this grant can be used in many unique ways such as:

  • Setting up an online store
  • Creating tools to provide services online (eg. video classes)
  • Subscription costs for online tools or services
  • Staff training for digital technology
  • Digital marketing (eg. social media ads)
  • Other digital growth needs

Applying for the Digital Growth Grant

  • STEP 1: Determine if your business has met with a member of our Digital Service Squad (through the Digital Main Street program) in the past year. If you haven't connected with our squad yet, please fill the contact form below to request your free consultation. During a one-on-one virtual meeting, a squad member will review of your business' technology use and online presence and provide valuable advice on the ways you can improve your operations before you complete the program application.

  • STEP 2: Already met with the squad? Have clear idea of the technology project you wish to undertake? You're ready to complete the online application form!

  • STEP 3: Hang tight! You will receive notice right away if you're ineligible for this program. Applications that meet the minium eligibility criteria will be reviewed and you will be notified shortly if approved. You may be contacted by the Small Business Centre if additional information or a meeting with the Digital Service Squad is required.

Who can apply?

Business Criteria:
  • Storefront located in the Town of Essex, Harrow or Colchester
  • Pays commercial property tax (directly or indirectly)
  • Has 1-99 employees
  • Registered or incorporated for-profit business
  • Business must not be a franchise, distributorship, pay-per-click, commissioned sales, multi-level marketing, single event or part-time/seasonal
Business Owner Criteria:
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Not a full-time student and not returning to school full-time
  • A resident of Ontario



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